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A foldable blade that is easy to conceal and can be brandished with one hand, assuming you've had enough practice to avoid slicing off your own fingers.
  — Item Description 

The Balisong Knife (known as Butterfly in CA:BR) is a Melee weapon first introduced in CA EU, during the 11/02/11 Content Update. It was released to Combat Arms NA on 11/10/11 in a Supply Drop, for 30-to-90-Day durations.


The Balisong Knife features a flashy unique draw animation, a high portability of 91, but low damage per slash, contrary to the Arsenal stat of 53 . It takes 3 secondary attacks to destroy a crate in Overdose, totaling in 6 altogther. Most melee weapons require only 3 'slashes' to destroy a crate regardless of primary or secondary attack.



Balisong Knife


Bronze III
Balisong Knife


  • This weapon's original description has been toned down in some CA:NA advertisements, such as: "This legendary blade is designed to be quickly flipped open and used with just one hand, perfect those times when speed means survival."
  • This weapon was released on 11/10/2011, along with the Permanent "Supply Drop" durations of the CZ805 and the Force Warrior Helmet. However, unlike the other two, the Balisong Knife was not available for permanent purchase (which is standard for a melee weapon), and this disappointed many players enough not to buy it.
  • The Balisong Knife's draw animation is a swift 'flick' of the folded knife, extending it to full length.
  • The draw animation of this weapon is also very audible. Players near the wielder will hear a 'shiiing' sound, sounding like a typical knife being sharpened.