Automatic Fire is a common firing mode that allows for the continuous firing of a gun at the fastest rate it will allow while the trigger is pressed and held down. The weapon will continue to fire until either the magazine has been exhausted, or the player releases the trigger. Automatic fire is very popular; almost all players use it. Players commonly use full auto because it is sometimes the fastest way to kill other players. However, recoil drives the Reticle off target, and depending on range, full auto firing might cause every shot after the first few to miss their mark. Therefore, controlling bullet placement (possibly with Burst Fire) is just as useful at any range because it gives the shooter time to readjust the weapon's aim, although it isn't an issue when an enemy unexpectedly fills the entire screen. The longer the weapon is held on automatic fire, the more spaced out the bullets will be. If you fire the weapon in shorter bursts, there will be less shots to recoil and the bullets will be closer to the reticle. If timed correctly, one can Single Shot using an automatic weapon. Most guns can ONLY shoot this way, unless you shoot with one click of the mouse or track pad at a time.

Many people are skeptical about the usefulness of the burst function compared to the full-auto function as they believe bursting with the full-auto provides the same effect as having Burst Fire enabled. However this is not true, as when burst fire is on,  the spread is significantly lower even when jumping. Recoil is also dramatically reduced.


  • Repeatedly clicking the left mouse button (or whatever the player's fire button is) as quickly as possible may cause the weapon to fire 5—20% faster.