Assault Vest

Main assault vest

NX cost
30 Days - 4,900 NX
90 Days - 8,900 NX
Supply Cases

All-purpose Protection: Armor +10%

Speed +3%

Combining High Grade ballistic armor with top of the line lightweight durable fabrics, the Assault Vest provides strong protection without encumbering the soldier who wears it.
  — The Arsenal 

The Assault Vest was released in the 12-9-09 Patch.

It is a one-of-a-kind vest that offers protection as well as a speed boost, similar to the Spy Vest. As with other vests, Mercenaries and Specialists are unable to wear the Assault Vest since they have their own vests.


The Assault Vest gives a +10% boost to protection and a +3% penalty to speed. It is also the first Black Market exclusive Vest.

The Assault Vest is a variant of the Balanced Vest. They look almost exactly the same. The Balanced Vest has only one knee pad, one less ammo pouch (the pouches on the front) and a less pronounced camouflage pattern.  The sleeves of the Assault Vest are rolled up to the elbow, while the sleeves of the Balanced Vest are not rolled up.



Assault Vest
Phoenix Assault Vest Set tag
Snow Tiger Assault Vest Set tag


Silver III
Assault Vest
Phoenix Assault Vest Set tag



  • The Assault Vest is also known as the Advanced Balanced Vest.
  • The Assault Vest and the Combat Vest are the only vests to offer an increase in stats without a decrease in other stats.
  • You will benefit from the extra speed, but other speed gear is usually required to fully adapt to certain situations. While using the Assault Vest is ideal for Protection and Speed, using the Recon Vest instead is preferred for Speed only.
  • Some players have been accused of hacking sniper shots while they have been tanking instead.
  • This vest came in the Devastation Package.