Assault Rifles are the hallmark weapon of any conflict, and should be used with enthusiasm at all times.
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The G36E is one of the most popular AR's due to having extremely well-balanced statistics that can dominate most ranges.

An Assault Rifle (abbreviated "AR") is the most commonly used weapon type in the game, due to its balanced accuracy, rate of fire, and damage.

Firing Modes

Some ARs have two or more firing modes. Automatic fire is found in all ARs, useful for Close-Quarters Battle because the gun fires continuously without the need of letting go of the trigger. Burst mode is found in some ARs and there is a noticeable tightening of the crosshairs and reduced spread when bursting. Single fire is somewhat rare, found only in the K2 and the M14. While moving or spraying, an AR has the same recoil as in full automatic mode. Tap firing in automatic mode is more useful against targets in Sniper Rifle range than burst fire, due to the increased recoil on the second and third shots in a burst. However, not all AR's have two firing modes: the M4A1, SG550, AK-47, G36E, AK-74U, and M4A1 CQBR, to name only a few, do not have burst or single fire mode.


ARs perform well at short to medium range, with the exception of three hybrid Sniper Rifle/Assault Rifles that also excel at long range: the NX Rare REC7 Rangers and M417 SB only obtainable through the Transport Locker and various MYST crates, and the NX Standard XM8 obtainable through the Shop. Also available in the shop is the M14 Hunter, which combines the M14's core strengths (accuracy and damage) with the long-range L96A1 scope for a formidable long-range combat weapon.

These guns have Sniper Rifle scopes similar to the L96A1 or M24's scopes or even unique scopes like the G36E family and the L85A1 MOD. This enables them to have a Sniper Rifle's range with the advantage of having automatic fire for CQB. The ACOG TA1 Scope incorporates a range finder to help determine if a target is out of the gun's effective range. Most ARs have an effective range up to 80 ACOG units.


The recoil of different assault rifles is varied. Typically, assault rifles within the same "family" often have the same recoil pattern. Recoil patterns may consist of the gun moving straight up with each shot, zig zagging, tracking side to side, etc. The recoil pattern is an important aspect of an assault rilfe to be considered, as it makes the difference between a gun that is reliable and easy to use and one that is uncontrollable in the heat of battle.  A recoil pattern that is easy to control for one player may not be useable at all by another.

Assault Rifles Statistics Comparison

All the information below comes from the CA website.

Weapon (AR) Damage Portability Rate of Fire Accuracy Recoil 1 Day Price 7 Days Price 30 Days Price 90 Days Price Permanent Price Requirements Ammunition Capacity
ACR3862748062950 GP4655 GP 18525 GP51300 GP -Ico rank07 03
ACR Blacksnake 41 66 74 82 62 Myst-N
ACR Sandfire4066748263 - -6500 NX11900 NX24900NXNone
AEK-9714360708767950 GP4900 GP 19500 GP54000 GP -Ico rank11 05
AK-103 48 55 68 90 68 1200 GP 5880 GP 23400 GP 64800 GP - Ico rank15 03
AK-103 Gold-Plated 48 55 68 90 68 Myst-N
AK-47 48 55 68 90 70 800 GP 3290 GP 15600 GP 43200 GP - Ico rank03 01
AK-47 Gold-Plated4855689070700 NX2900 NX4900 NX8900 NX24900NXNone
AK-74M4463709068900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900NXNone
AK-74M Gold-Plated4563709067Myst-N
AK-74U4360708568800 GP3290 GP15600 GP43200 GP -None
AN-944855709268 - -6500 NX11900 NX24900NXNone
AR-15 Double Barrel3665758175Myst-N+
AUG A14355748568950 GP4655 GP18525 GP51300 GP -Ico rank07 01
AUG A1 Black45557485671425 GP6690 GP27800 GP76950 GP -Ico rank15 05
AUG A34355748565900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900NXNone
AUG A3 SE4355748565Myst-N
Carbon 15 3960788669 - - -11900 NX24900 NXNone
CX4 Storm38627586621000 GP4900 GP19500 GP54000 GP -Clan Level 2
FAMAS3660748468800 GP3920 GP15600 GP43200 GP -Ico rank04 01
FAMAS G23960748568900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900NXNone
FAMAS G2 SE3960748668Myst-N
FAMAS SE39607485681200 GP5880 GP23400 GP64800 GP -Ico rank14 04
FG424655708569Gun Emporium Forging (AUG A1)
FS200038577484681100 GP5390 GP21450 GP59400 GP -Ico rank10 01
F2000 Tactical3960748568 - -6500 NX11900 NX 24900 NXNone


G33961748563 - -6500 NX11900 NX24900NXNone
G36E4557689068950 GP4655 GP18525 GP51300 GP -Ico rank06 01
G36E Valkyrie4557689068700 NX2900 NX4900 NX8900 NX24900 NXNone
G36KE45636890681425 GP6690 GP27800 GP76950 GP -Ico rank15 01
Gewehr 43 4855539070Gun Emporium Forging
K24057748566800 GP3920 GP15600 GP43200 GP -None
L85A143557485681000 GP4900 GP19500 GP54000 GP -Ico rank12 02
L85A1 CAMO43557485681500 GP7350 GP29200 GP81000 GP -Ico rank16 02
L85A1 Mark II 4355748568Gun Emporium Job
L85A1 MOD4455748568900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXNone
L85A1 MOD CAMO4455748568Myst-N
M1450555090701000 GP4900 GP19500 GP54000 GP -Ico rank02
M14 CAMO52575091701500 GP7350 GP29200 GP81000 GP -Ico rank13 03
M14 Classic5260559169Myst-N
M14 Hunter5155609168900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXNone
M14 SE5060559169900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXNone
M16A33257748066Default Weapon
M16A43957748665 -4900 GP17500 GP 59400 GP -Ico rank09 04
M16A4 Firebug4065758764900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXNone
M41638627480631100 GP5390 GP21450 GP59400 GP -Ico rank09 01
M416 CAMO40627480631650 GP8085 GP32175 GP89100 GP -Ico rank17
M416 CQB3966748063900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXNone
M416 CQB CAMO4166748063Myst-N
M41739627480641100 GP5390 GP21450 GP59400 GP -Ico rank12 04
M417 Combat4062748064900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXNone
M417 CQB40627480631500 GP7350 GP29250 GP81000 GP -Ico rank13 05
M417 SB4164748062Myst-N
M4A13860748064800 GP3920 GP15600 GP43200 GP -None
M4A1 CQBR38657480621200 GP5880 GP23400 GP64800 GP -Ico rank14 02
M4A1 Desert Warrior3860748064700 NX2900 NX4900 NX8900 NX24900 NXNone
M4A1 SOPMOD4066748063Myst-N
M6A238627481641100 GP5390 GP21450 GP59400 GP -Ico rank12 03
M6A2-SRT3966748164900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900NXNone
MK16 SCAR-L4057708566800 GP3920 GP15600 GP43200 GP -Ico rank05 01
MTAR-213962768767900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900NXNone
MTAR-21 CAMO3962768866Myst-N
ParaFAL4068747963900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXUnavailable at times
REC74065768162900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXNone
REC7 Rangers4066768265Myst-N
SCAR-L Black4057708566900 GP4410 GP17550 GP48600 GP -Ico rank12 01
SCAR-L Trispear4057708566700 NX2900 NX4900 NX8900 NX24900 NXNone
SG55035557490631100 GP5390 GP21450 GP59400 GP -Ico rank09 03
SG550 CAMO36557485631650 GP8085 GP32175 GP89100 GP -Ico rank13 04
SG5563662749062900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX24900 NXNone
SG556 CAMO3662748062Myst-N
TAR-2139577486681100 GP5390 GP21450 GP59400 GP -Ico rank11 01
TAR-21 CAMO39577487671650 GP8085 GP32175 GP89100 GP -Ico rank16 04
XK-839597486681100 GP5390 GP21450 GP59400 GP -Ico rank10 03
XK-8 Tactical4065748866900 NX3400 NX6500 NX11900 NX 24900 NXNone
XM8 41 65 75 88 68 - - 6500 NX 11900 NX 24900 NX None

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