Release date
20th July, 2012 (supply drop)
NX Cost
3,500 NX - 7 Days

7,100 NX - 30 Days
GP Cost
14,000 GP - 7 Days

28,400 GP - 30 Days
All face, head, and vest gear

Certain weapon restrictions (sniper rifles, machine guns, Explosive Projectiles, and shotguns.
List of Assassins
Below Average

Assassins are the second type of Specialist in Combat Arms, after the Operatives.

They were first leaked through the Cover of Darkness Update, and released a day later as an SvS reward.


There are currently two known Assassins in the game, Wraith and Banshee.

Assassins are unable to equip any Head Gear, Facial Gear, or Backpacks. They are also the only mercenaries that are restricted from using Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, and Explosive Projectiles.

They also have special items that only they can use, such as Assassin Items (like the Explosive Crossbow) and Assassin Abilities.

Assassin Items

These are the current items the Assassins can use




  • Currently, every Assassin is named after some type of ghost. This might be their version of the Operatives' codenames.
  • Wraith has the same vest statistics as Raven, while Banshee has the same as Viper's.
  • Their attire might be a nod to the video game series, Assassin's Creed, in which assassins wear similar clothing.
  • When playing as an Assassin character, primary and secondary weapons reload more quickly. Even if extended magazines are attached to the weapon, the reload speed is still rather fast, almost as if the loss of reload speed is negated. After the Combat Arms Reboot, this buff was noted as +20% Fire Rate and +20% Reload speed.
  • Although Assassins are restricted from using Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Machine Guns, and Explosives Projectiles, they can still use them when they pick up the weapons from other dead players in battle.
  • On the Assassins Supply drop, both Banshee and Wraith were on sale for 15% off.
  • Both of the Assassins have their own weapons, Banshee's FMG-9 and Wraith's CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1.
  • Both assassins seem to have very minimal footstep noise even when sprinting. However, this is seems to be negated if the Specter ability is equiped and the player will have regular footstep noise. Do keep in mind that without Specter the assassins can still be heard by other players, but not as loudly as others.
  • Due to their ability Inner Focus, and their crossbows originating from NEMEXIS, it is suggested that, like the soldiers in NEMEXIS HQ, the assassins may have been exposed to a modified drug that originally created the Infected.

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Combat Arms Nemexis Labs and Assassin Official Trailer

Combat Arms Nemexis Labs and Assassin Official Trailer

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