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Arms Race
Also known as
Be the first player to reach 15-45 kills with the arsenal you're given
Time limit
Player settings
2-16 players
Above Average
Battle at City Center

Bloodbath Bazaar
Cold Seed
Costa Recon
Crystal Tower
Dark Forest
Deadly Dunes
Death Row
Ghost Town
Grave Digger
Gray Hammer
Junk Flea
Junk Flea 2
Lunar Labs
Oil Rig
Power Surge
Pump Jack
Quantum Labs
Red Canyon
Rural Estate
Sand Hog
Sector 25
Short Fuse
Snow Valley
Two Towers

Water Strider
Combat Arms 3.0 Arms Race (07/03/13)

Combat Arms is a game of weapons, and you'll need to master every type in order to succeed in this game mode! Arms Race is very much like One Man Army. It's you against everyone else in the game room in a mad dash to the kill limit. There's just one catch: you'll have to use every weapon type in Combat Arms to win!
  — Official Combat Arms website 

Arms Race is the 15th game mode released in Combat Arms on 07/03/13 Combat Arms 3.0 Update.


Arms Race is a free for all game mode where the objective is to use randomly selected weapons from each weapon family in order to reach the kill limit. It requires multiple kills with each weapon, except the final tier (knife and grenade), which requires only one kill, to finish the game.

Default Weapons

Kills (45) Weapon
0 - 3ACR
4 - 7M417
8 - 10FS2000
11 - 14Kriss
15 - 18MP7
19 - 21PP-19
22 - 25M60
26 - 28RPK
29 - 31MG42
32 - 34M3 Super 90
35 - 37R870
38 - 40M107CQ
41 - 44Desert Eagle
45M69HE Frag

Current Weapons

Kills (45) Weapon
0 - 3G36KE
4 - 7M4A1 CQBR Gold
8 - 10(ACE) AK-74M
11 - 14Winter Dual Skorpions
15 - 18MP7
19 - 21MP5 RAS
26 - 28K3 SPW
29 - 31(ACE) Ultimax 100
32 - 34SAIGA 20K CAMO
35 - 37(ACE) Remington 11-87P
38 - 40(ACE) L96A1 Arctic Wolf
41 - 44(ACE) Anaconda Silver
45Winter M69HE-NL

Other weapons can be unlocked by using the Arms Race Silver Pack or the Arms Race Gold Pack


  • A player may pull an equipped weapon, with any customization or modification added previously by the owner. This is a random event, but its probability can be increased with Silver or Gold Packs.
    • It is possible to draw the same weapon twice, or even thrice.
  • There is an occasional graphics glitch on multiple weapons. This can be corrected by switching to the knife and back.
  • There was a glitch when a player in the bomb stage can kill themselves to win. This has been patched in the following maintenance.
  • Arms Race is very similar to Call Of Duty's Gun Game in which you must get kills with your gun to get the next gun until you reach the last weapon.
  • Arms Race was released in Combat Arms Brazil on 08/14/2013.
  • Arms Race was released in Combat Arms Europe on 09/25/2013
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