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An Anaconda Silver with an extended 8-inch barrel. The heavier barrel reduces recoil and increases bullet velocity.
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The Anaconda Silver 8-Inch is a Cosmetic Variant of the Anaconda Black 8-Inch.


This pistol can be only obtained randomly in the Supply Crate MYST-N and various other supply cases . Thus, it is one of the rarest pistols in CA. The Anaconda Silver 8-inch has more power and less recoil than the Anaconda Black 8-Inch. It also makes a completely different firing sound from the standard Anaconda Black. The Anaconda Silver 8-Inch also has a very quick reload, one of the fastest in the game. Although this weapon doesn't have a scope, it is very accurate, and would be easy to use as a long distance pistol.



  • This NX Rare weapon was added to the October 2010 Pistol Month sale on 13/10/2010, at the price of 9,900 NX for 90 days.
  • This weapon was distributed for permanent duration to those who bought 10 weapons for permanent duration during the Shut Up Sale.
  • This weapon was available for direct purchase from the Black Market during Cyber Monday of the Black Friday Sale (2012), for 7-day and 30-day durations.


  • The Anaconda Silver 8-Inch has similar stats to the Dragoon.
  • Theoretically, as the largest barrel give more weight to weapon, thereby reducing its portability, the Anaconda Silver 8-inch has more portability, in other words, it is lighter than the Anaconda Silver.


  • The drawing animation of the Anaconda Silver 8-Inch.
  • The firing animation of the Anaconda Silver 8-Inch.
  • The reloading animation of the Anaconda Silver 8-Inch.
  • The sprinting animation of the Anaconda Silver 8-Inch.