The 8-06-08 Patch (6th of August) contained many new features, and cleansed Combat Arms of the sudden surge of hackers right before, at least, for a short period.

Patch Additions

Type Name
GP Weapons
GP Weapons

Full Update Notes

New War Zone: Two Towers

Two Towers Alpha side

Two Towers

The fight just got a lot more vertical! The enemy’s nearby comm tower and its signal jamming device is blocking all attempts to contact a stranded battalion in this area. Eliminate all hostile personnel in the area, and restore communications!
  — Patch Note 
Available Missions:
Main AUG A1


New Additions to the Item Shop:


  • Corrected issues that allowed abusers to use hacks to exploit invalid match types and illegally access gear.
  • Known map glitches in Cold Seed and Warhead have been fixed.