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Part of the classic replica series. While this pistol may look like something out of the American Civil War, with its .44 Magnum rounds and modern parts it can hold its own against any pistol in the world.
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The 44Rem Rev, or the 44 Caliber Remington Revolver is a forged pistol, first released with the Ghost of Guns Past event.


With damage equivalent to the Anaconda Black, the 44Rem Rev is a strong two-hit kill weapon. This handgun also has a faster firing rate than most GP power pistols, as well as a faster reload time. Furthermore, the portability rating of this weapon is 3 points higher than the average pistol portability of 90. The draw animation of the 44Rem Rev is similar to the Desert Eagle SE; the player flips the weapon in the air when taking it out.

To obtain this weapon, one must forge the Anaconda Black with 7 Replica Pallets at the Gun Emporium.



44Rem Rev


Silver II
44Rem Rev


  • This weapon has not yet released on Combat Arms Brazil.
  • During the reload animation, if one looks closely at the cylinder, they can see "R-P 44 S&W SPL" engraved on the bottom of each bullet. This means that despite being described as firing .44 Magnum rounds, the 44Rem Rev is actually loaded with the .44 Special.


  • The drawing animation of the 44Rem Rev.
  • The firing animation of the 44Rem Rev.
  • The reloading animation of the 44Rem Rev.
  • The sprinting animation of the 44Rem Rev.