The 10/01/08 Content Update featured the debut of the Black MarketMercenaries and the "Gift" feature.

New Releases

On Wednesday, October 1st, the COMBAT ARMS’ Black Market will be open for business! Here players will be able to buy a wide range of cosmetic, convenience, community, and special items with NX Cash.

Changes/New Features

New Items




Function Items


  • This patch was suspected to be huge, because the usual monthly maintenance took 10 hours instead of around two.
  • The M4A1 Assault Rifle had been decreased accuracy-wise, a serious problem for most players who had been using it, as the carbine had been amazing at longer distances, even the vanilla version. Instead, the damage was slightly increased to 34, which made the M4A1 more lethal in close-range combat.
  • The patch had also caused some other problems: many players could not log in and play. That issue was fixed fairly quickly.
  • Randomly during a match, the room might crash, causing all players to freeze in place and force them to quit the game, therefore losing all their EXP and GP earned so far. This could happen many times, even as many as 9 in a single day. Many suspect this to happen because of a player getting killed while he/she is picking up a weapon.