Featured Article: Tower Bridge


Overpower the militants who attacked cash transport vehicle on Tower Bridge. Get their identities, and find out their motive!
  — Descriere Hartă 
Tower Bridge is Combat Arms' 54th map. It literally takes place at Tower Bridge, one of London's bridges in real life.

After the events of Roadkill, a group of prisoners have escaped and attacked a cash transport vehicle in the process. Luckily, the police were able to stop their escape quickly. However, with such a powerful weapon they possess, it induced a war between the armed militants and the police. They are currently resisting against police forces right on the bridge. It caused traffic vehicles to scatter all over the bridge, creating chaos. It turned the bridge from what was once a peaceful commute into a ground of warfare. Cars were burned and a symphony of car alarms were set off. A local news helicopter is live at the scene, flying around the bridge. News reported that the bloodshed combat will take hours before it would be resolved.

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